The story of my mother.

Hello In There

Old people a National Treasure.  I have been drawn to senior citizens ever since I was a child which is why I am so fortunate to be able to give them the gift of music, their music! The words and the melodies of those days meant something and even if some folks can't remember the names of their children, they never forget these songs. It's such a privilege to sing with them.

Feels Like Home

I found some old shaky 16 mm video and became inspired.   This is my family


Dementia is a terrible thing but we were always able to laugh and love through it all.

My Pa

My extraordinary father, taken too soon.

Fat As I Am

This is what happens when the family get's together. A song usually breaks out.

Angela and Shirley

This is what happened when I took mom on a road trip to Atlanta to visit her oldest friend in the world.  Mom and Shirley met in dance class more than 80 years ago and they have been like sisters ever since.

Big Finish

When mom died in 2016, instead of a funeral, we threw a party for 300 or so of her family and fans. Mother forbade sadness and insisted on a celebration.  We sent her out in style singing a song that she requested years ago.  This is "Big A's Big Finish"

That's Life

Promo for my newest CD. The song is called "Hoedown For Older Ladies"

I Am Your Child

Just because I can.