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Nancy said this to me (That's her pictured left)

Your Christmas/winter show yesterday at Bethesda Senior Care was an absolute delight! Your choice of songs and your interaction with the residents was wonderful -- we all loved it. This is a glowing recommendation to anyone who might be considering booking you for an event. They should enjoy it as much as we all did.
Nancy Welshman

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Theresa from Hoffman Estates

She said, "I never know what you're going to look like when you come here,  is it going to be one of your cool wigs, or natural?  (We have a contest each time before you come and today, I won!  This is a cool wig), but when you come natural, you could be my daughter.  One thing we know for sure is that you always give us a great show!  And your stories! We love you more and more every time because you make it so easy to love you".

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comments from a few folks at The Park @ The Holmstad in April 2019

Jane told me, "Do you even know how much joy you bring to us at The Holmstad?"  Charlotte was stuck on the elevator and missed 45 minutes of my show.  She made it for the last 15 minutes and afterwards, she told me ...

Charlotte said:

Charlotte was stuck on the elevator with three other ladies for the the first 45 minutes of my show today.  She told me that she would have been there for the whole thing except she went back upstairs to get her friends, who had never seen my show before and she insisted that they come. On the way back down, the elevator stalled but, even though they saw only a few minutes, it made their day!  Her friends told me that although they wish NOT to be stuck on an elevator again, it was worth it just to see 15 minutes of my show. George (not pictured here) said... "I missed my nap for this?" then he left the room, then he came back in and, with a wink, he said...  "I'm glad I did!"

Elaine said...

"I woke up in a sad, crappy mood this morning and decided to come to the library to see if I could find something to do, or to read. What a nice surprise to see you there.  You changed everything! You turned my mood around with your beautiful voice and the easy nature of your kind personality.  And, when I walked in and saw a woman properly dressed in stockings and heels, I was so delighted! Beautiful and talented, funny and the perfect prescription to uplift my crappy day.  I can't wait to see you again.  You are a miracle! 

Gordon wrote this...

I don't know where to start.... You have created a BRILLIANTLY CREATIVE niche that seems to be as rewarding to your audiences as well as yourself. Don't imagine anyone will ever be able to follow "your lead".  I must tell you b4 I continue how in 24 hours you have had such an uplifting effect on my psyche. The last four years have been absolutely brutal for me, still fighting uphill but gaining. Your energy level is palpable, and the depth of your discography is overwhelming.!  If I live so long, who will sing me my memories?

Allison said this to me the other day...

On mothers Day, they had some kind of singer here that was singing rock-and-roll.  How was THAT a good idea? Everyone walked out.  Old people don't like that shit. (Yes, she said 'shit).  Love the salty seniors! 

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On St Patricks Day, Jean Mall said:

Hi Kym, My daughter and I saw you at Generations at Oakton today and I just wanted to thank you for making my parents Gus & Angie's day. It's usually very dreary there but you definitely perked everyone up and it was so nice to see people singing along. Also, you are extremely talented. I'm glad we got to see you perform. Thanks so much, Jean Mall

Marie said this on the same day...

I am deaf, almost completely but, I know you’ve given the finest performance of anyone we’ve ever had here. All I had to do was watch everybody else in the audience and they were having such a joyful day and that’s all because of you. I wish I could’ve heard you but I didn’t need to because I saw what you did for all of my friends.  (The photo to the left is Miss Marie)

Oak Lawn Seniors

"I love her type of show.  Feels like we were all just sitting around the living room, telling stories and singing a few songs.  She makes us feel all included and important.  She doesn't 'talk down' to anyone.  She has flair"

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MJ said this on 1-12-19

Hi Kym. 

I was at Plymouth Place with my mom and brother on December 8, 2018 for their Christmas Party. You were FANTASTIC! You were wonderful with the seniors. You have a bubbly, warm personality. You are so sweet and kind. We had a great time. Your voice is beautiful You are so entertaining. Thank you for a wonderful show. I just wanted to let you know!

Samuel said this on Valentines Day

My wife died last year and since then, I haven't felt much like celebrating anything. But you came today, on the most romantic day of the year and my friends had to drag me to see your program.  I was astounded.  For an hour it felt as though my loving wife was sitting right next to me again.  When you sang "Once Upon A Time", she was there with me.  She was my young beautiful wife again and I was handsome and strong.   Thank you, Kym.  I really needed you today and you delivered.  You were sent from heaven,  

Al in Aurora

I never got married but I think if you were around 80 years ago when I was actually looking for a one, I most likely would have chased you.  You have the voice of and angel and you are so damn funny!  Everything I've always looked for  in a wife... never found one though.  Is it too late?

Oh, and I really loved your show too.

Fay said this in February 2019

Kym F is a great entertainer. She caters to people of all ages and most all she gives it 100% She loves to interact with you & it shows in her show. Kym is a wonderful person & regardless of the music you pick she will have it in her repertoire. I know if you hire her you will not be sorry. We love her here at our senior center  American House Cedar Lake in Plainfield.

The absolute BEST!

We have lived in our Glenview community for 17 years and I have never had an entertainer like you here before.  The place is still buzzing about you 4 days after you were here.  I certainly hope the powers that be have the good sense to keep bringing you back to us.  You made my husbands day when you singled him out and made him feel so special.  He' hasn't laughed like that in years.  You are a blessing and I cannot wait until you come back.

Anna C.

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Marie said this in December...

I have never seen Kym anything less that fun and entertaining! Her love of music and people make the room come alive!

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Rod Marino said... (on March 19th)

Kym is one of those rare performers who can do it all! Normally at our senior center, our members tire of seeing the same singers more than twice, but Ms. Frankovelgia is the exception! She is one of the most talented, versatile, and dynamic performers in at least the Midwest! Her ability to interact with her audience makes her someone that everyone should get to see. As the vice-president of the Sheila Ray Adult Center in Elk Grove Village, I will cast my vote in favor of having Kym back to perform at one of our future luncheons ASAP! I also highly recommend purchasing some of her wonderful CD's. I just bought two CD's today, after her show, and I put them in my car to make driving in traffic something I look forward to. The more traffic there is, the longer I get to listen to that magical voice! Thanks again Kym for brightening our day!

On June 7th, Ed said...

I thought I know and liked the song, "Birth Of The Blues", but, the truth is, I've never even heard that song before you! Your rendition brought goosebumps to my heart and soul and the song was brand new for me, as I've never felt before. I can't wait to see you again. You are extraordinary.

Carol Wagge said this on December 30th

Kudos! and many compliments to Kym, she is an outstanding, talented entertainer with a superb and unbelievable fabulous voice, that kept my 350 attendees, mesmerized at my Senior Club Holiday Party on Dec. 8th . I will highly recommend her to you right here and now. She is a very talented lady.

Karen Sederberg wroth this on March 8th

We have been entertained by many people, talented singers among them,but, we have never, EVER had anyone that compares to you! You got everybody up and involved and I saw people moving and laughing that NEVER move and laugh. Extraordinary! I have to invent more excuses to have you back and have you back often! We just love you.

On March 8th, Shelly said...

Thank you for a great program last night! I thought you might like to hear some of the comments from my program evaluations that I received. “Fantastic personality plus a great voice.” “Kym is wonderful!” “It was great.” “Very enjoyable” “I was not too familiar with this type of music and didn’t know what to expect. However, the singer exceeded my expectations! She did a fantastic job! She has a wonderful personality and lovely voice. She was funny, warm, and cheerful. My 9 year old son enjoyed her performance as well. “

EW from February 17th said...

 Hi Kym...I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed you and your songs. I was the lady at the front table with the bad knees! I recently lost my son...(personal story originally at this point in the letter was removed) ... but, you made me happy and gave me an hour of fun and pleasant thoughts...for which I am very grateful. "Wind beneath my Wings" brought back many memories....a hard one when you've suffered a loss. But, I listened to it over and over this morning on your CD. Thank you so very much. You have an incredibly beautiful voice and you bring much happiness. Many of the ladies in the room were widows, some very recently. For them, Valentines Day is painful. I am new to St. John's and I am only telling you my story because I want you to always sing. You never know who that lady is in the front row....or the back row or how much they are hurting. You made my day. You made me smile and appreciate something very lovely. You are a treasure with a beautiful smile and warmth that needs to be shared. You have the ability to bring sunshine when it's most needed. When Father Dave says Mass, I feel like he is talking directly to I felt you were singing to me yesterday. Stay with it.....fondly, EW"

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Bonnie at Heritage Woods said this on December 19th

Dear Kym, We have only the very best entertainers here at Heritage Woods and just the other day one of my managers said to me that you are the best of the best! I whole heartedly agree. We just love you here!

Frank said this on December 19th

Kym, everyone was saying to Sue and myself "what a wonderful time they had with your performance". Everytime I see and hear you, I am awed with your voice and the ease in witch you hold any age crowd to join you in having a good time.That's a gift not many performers have. Luv ya

Toni and Coleman wrote this in December...

Thanks for a great show at the Mokena Library today! My 12 year old son Colman loved every minute of it and I was very impressed at your vocal ability and style...I'm a long time musician as well (drummer) and it's very refreshing when you see vocal artists that know how to really're very, very good! We actually have your Christmas disc in right now!!!

Paulette said this on November 18th

You are a treasure. What makes you so special is the way you include us in your program. We are part of you and your "Act" is not an act!. You are with us and we feel the love you give. Thank you and I wish you could come back every week. We love you

Christine wrote this on November 12th

I have been working here for three years and for all of those three years, I have NEVER seen John speak more that two words to anyone, even us. He was so captivated by you and your music that he was animated, excited and talking! Amazing! John was talking and Mary danced. Extraordinary. What a wonderful afternoon! Thank you and you are always welcomed back.

Rita wrote this to me in November

Dear Kym, I was lucky enough today to be visiting my Grandma when you came to Silverado to sing. She was so enchanted by you that I felt compelled to write and leave this message for you. This is what she said to me and I am transcribing her words exactly... "Oh my God, she was so fantastic and what an honor for us to have her come to share her beautiful talent. Not only is she a great singer, but, she's funny and she carries us right along with the laughter. And, it's not slapstick either! She's coming back next month, you know. Still, once a month with her is just not enough. I'm going to tell somebody" I agree with everything Grandma says and I hope to be here with her on your next visit. Keep doing what you're doing. You make everyone sparkle. Thank you.

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My friend Paul said this...

I have had the priviledge of watching Kym perform from her days in Hawaii to Chicago and now yesterday, in Florida. As a performer myself I can only say that Kym delivers in a way that many performers are unable to deliver - with the heart. Her dialogue, her way with her audiences, her special manner and her LOVE for what she does, shines through. I was on Broadway many years ago and Kym delivers like the best of them. Her voice is crystal clear (glad she quit smoking!) and she hits her notes better than Liza these days! I would highly recommend Kym to any friends, family or professional venue looking for a class act. She is a gift and puts the "E" in the word Entertain. I love her!!!

From Marie on January 6th

Sometimes we have entertainers here who we suffer through, who are almost painful to have to listen to, but you, my dear... We only get to see you once a year and it's never, ever enough! Where have you been hiding and why are you bothering with us little old ladies? Before you have time to think about it though I must say, I'm so glad you do! You have a wonderful gift, sweet Kym and in my 101 years on this planet, I've never met your equal. I hope I'm around to see you again next year. God bless you. Marie

Resurrection Hospital Auxilary said this...

My friend bought a table for 10 at today's Resurrection Hospital Auxiliary Luncheon and, after lunch when they announced your show would begin and last for about an hour, I nudged my friend and said 'heaven help us'. I was full, I was tired and I couldn't stand the thought of sitting through a concert when all I wanted was to leave. Well, my dear, by the time you said goodbye and were leaving, I nudged my friend again and told her that I could listen to you all day! The hour flew by and I was so sorry to see you go! What a superlative performance!! Thanks you so very much for energizing us and for sharing your gift me me and the 250 other people in attendance. I can't wait to see you again. Well done!!!!

Evelyn wrote this in February

I just saw you perform at the Batavia Park District and I must say, you're unlike any other performer I've ever seen. We have singers and piano players and readers in all the time but not once have I ever enjoyed someone with more heart and passion. You put everything you have into a song, a magnificent song and your bright, stunning spirit shines through. WHAT A VOICE! What a remarkable young lady you are and I'm proud to know you.

Gail said this in March...

Kym's performance is outstanding!! We have a family member at Emeritus Assisted Living Home. She has been blessed with two of Kym's performances, and is a different person after each of those performances. She is envigorated, and calm at the same time! It was so wonderful to see her in such a serene state! Kym's awesome voice transformed our Mary to an earlier time in her life!! Thank you, and God Bless you, Kym!

Pricilla wrote this on June 20th

Hi Kym, Once again, thank you for the great show you put on Saturday at Carillon Lakes. It seems the people can't stop talking about you and the terrific job you did. When I got home that evening, I had some voice mail messages from people who attended saying what a great time they had and how wonderful you were. Hopefully we can have you come back and entertain us again as we would love to have you. Thanks again. Priscilla Lewandowski President - Carillon Lakes Ladies Club